About Emily’s Ardor

 The vision for Emily’s Ardor is to create natural, handmade beauty products from the very best botanical, grown and harvested by me. I will teach others how to grow their own ingredients and create their own simple cosmetics from scratch. My dream is that Emily’s Ardor will eventually evolve into a place for growth and healing in my community using the organic gardening and natural product making skills I teach.

“Natural Products With A Personal Touch”

Human growth and love are my main reasons for starting this company and creating these products.


The Original Emily’s Ardor.

Before the Etsy Shop even existed!!




  1. I tried several of Emily’s products and each of them is truly terrific! The products I tried included the Coffee Mask, Vanilla Cinnamon Body Butter, Apple Pie Sugar Scrub, Jasmine Honey Lip Balm and Carmel Apple Pie Lip Balm. The sugar scrub works great at gently exfoliating the skin and leaving behind super soft silky feeling skin and it’s smells amazing… The body butter is perfect for this cold winter days to heal the dry cracked skin and again, smells sooo good! The coffee mask is a perfect “pick me up” to perk up the skin on face 😉 And the lip balms are wonderful, especially for these cold days when your lips can get chapped and cracked… that hasn’t happened to me since using Emily’s products. Keeps the lips protected and healthy! And of course once the best things about all of the products is the fact that they are all natural with no harmful chemicals 🙂

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