I love giving quick little updates!

Letting everyone know what is up in mostly all aspects of my life. I’m not sure exactly why but its fun for me!

Soon to be coming will be testimonials from the shops that I have been locally selling in just in case you are interested in selling Emily’s Ardor brand products in your shop too!

The Super Quick Updates!

November 2017 UPDATE: I just released the RELAUNCH!!! Emily’s Ardor is now selling my melt3d wax art pieces, natural soy candles, and some other home and garden decor items! My branding has become way more professional and I am getting ready for the holidays that are officially upon us! Happy Holidays everyone! Can’t wait for the new year and all that will come from 2018! 2017 has truly been a year to never forget for my new Graham family. 🙂

August 2017 UPDATE: New! New! New updates are coming VERY VERY soon! All of the branding is almost done and is on it’s way! I cannot wait to have everything up and ready to share and do the EA relaunch! OMGOSHHHH I just want it up already! LOL!

May 2017: OMGsh I cannot believe it’s MAY! Objectives and goals for EA are to start growing into more stores and being able to do custom labeling with Bulk Order Products! New Items Coming Soon: Salt Scrub Scents, Lip Balm Scents and Home Decor Jar Designs! Also, I’m figuring out new ways to get my business to help with causes! Know of a cause I should get involved in? Leave me a comment below with a description and link and I will see what EA can do to help!

January 2017: Getting ready for Valentine’s Day and selling fun Mini Spa Gift Boxes! New release of lip balm, bath soaps, salt scrubs scents and more Designed Coasters options!

December 2016: Sooo many updates! I’m in stores locally, NEW scents and products coming Early 2017 and hopefully more and more!!

June 2016: Body Washes are being tested! I can’t wait to have them ready to sell in the Etsy Shop!

January 2016: Happy New Year everyone!! I’m so excited! Going to start playing with body washes, bath oils, getting more in the garden and sooo much more!! 2016 hold so much amazingness I can’t wait to show you all I have planned!! And believe me…there is a big plan 🙂

December 2015: Hand and Body Butters, Sugar Scrubs, Coffee Scrubs, Salt Scrubs and Lip Balms!! All for sale now on my Etsy shop! Also, NEW small and large spa gift baskets and new coasters I make that are beautiful!! Check it all out at: EmilysArdor
Nov 2015: Starting testers with Sugar Scrubs, new lip balm flavors, and finally body butters and soaps!!! Get ready 2016!!