Update: Avocado Tree Remember? 

Remember the baby avocado I started like what feels like forever ago?! Well it's not officially a tree yet but hey hey good lookin! It's doing wonderful in the sun! It's for sure hearty and strong! Out of all of the seeds I had started that one day only one had survived and made a tree! … Continue reading Update: Avocado Tree Remember? 


Scrapbook Obsessed 

I have been scrapbooking for over 10 years now!! That is something that feels almost insane to say by the way...  I started because one summer in Texas my Southern Cousin Kerrie decided to teach me! I had sooo much fun taking the photos, printing them, and designing the space for them that I got… Continue reading Scrapbook Obsessed 

DIY · Gardening

Avocado Tree Update! 

Remember my Avocado Tree starters? I have been posting little update shots on my Instagram page but finally... FINALLY(!!!) One is in a pot!  Here's the one that's going well so far.... And now it's in a pot! A pretty pot I painted blue. It's my new living center piece till it becomes warm again and I… Continue reading Avocado Tree Update! 


DIY Crayon Art ❤️💛💚💙💜

I found this fun and easy craft/ project!! All you need is a canvas, box of crayons, a hair dryer and a glue gun!  I don't have photos of the steps I took, but I do have a funny video I had posted of the beautiful mess I created. (AKA: Art...) First, I took off… Continue reading DIY Crayon Art ❤️💛💚💙💜


Lady Bug Hotel 

My soon to be Mama in law gave us her father's bird house that he made for her many many years ago and I just new I had to fix it up a little to put it out. But then- the Magic Pintrest showed me this new thing you can make called a Lady Bug… Continue reading Lady Bug Hotel 


Burlap Pot Wrap 

I got the idea of decorating my plastic pot from a Pin I found, but they used sticks. Seeing as I have tons of sticks but and uneven jar surface that was not able to happen. (Their's was also glass and for candles but I figured hey! I can do something like that!) Instead I… Continue reading Burlap Pot Wrap 


Bathroom Jars 

I keep seeing people making and selling the really cute acrylic painted mason jars. Then they use them as bathroom storage jars! It's actually wonderful!!  So in my Friday craft mission I decided o would make them myself! All you need is acrylic paint in the color you want, a paper bowl for the paint,… Continue reading Bathroom Jars