Lady Bug Ponds🐞🦋💧

As an Easter Present, Birthday Present Combo I made my Mother In Law something I considered pretty neat 🙂 They are some cute hand painted Lady Bug Ponds! Her roses and milkweed have been ATTACKED by Aphids and I was trying to figure out a way to keep her lady bugs around! Lady bugs need warmth… Continue reading Lady Bug Ponds🐞🦋💧


New Plants! 

I'm so excited we went plant shopping!! I got all kinds of goodies! And guess what you guys... a whole bunch of them are gonna be used for Emily's Ardor Products!! (All new stuff coming soon!) This bush/ possible tree is from Africa and if you run some of the leaves on your fingers they… Continue reading New Plants! 


Garden Rain 

This rain you guys has been doing craziness to my garden! My tulips and daffodils are coming out of the ground with so much oomph! Then the succulents I have been stealing from our neighbors yard are all finally rooted awesomly... But bringing with them are these narely weeds! Like woah! Look at those bad boys!!… Continue reading Garden Rain 


How’s My Garden 

I'm so happy to announce that during this crazy season of shopping, creating and traveling that most of my gardens have survived!! These cold high winds have been difficult and the 2 full days of rain and then none is just messing with my cycles...  Luckily the Milkweed has been doing great! New flowers and… Continue reading How’s My Garden 


It’s A Cycle… ☀️🌱🌼

I have shown you some of my gardens and some of the DIY projects I have done in the garden to create a little haven for myself and the  butterflies.  Just to have an awesome butterfly garden the cycle in which you have to keep up with is kinda crazy. My mission was to save… Continue reading It’s A Cycle… ☀️🌱🌼

DIY · Gardening

Avocado Tree Update! 

Remember my Avocado Tree starters? I have been posting little update shots on my Instagram page but finally... FINALLY(!!!) One is in a pot!  Here's the one that's going well so far.... And now it's in a pot! A pretty pot I painted blue. It's my new living center piece till it becomes warm again and I… Continue reading Avocado Tree Update! 


Milkweed Babies 

A long while ago Mama In Law To Be gave us some Milkweed babies! Finally I have them put into the ground! Yay! I love forever homes!! I'm also happy to say that only 1 went into complete shock during the process but these babies as you might no from other posts are my little… Continue reading Milkweed Babies