Face Masks

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Coffee Face Mask also available in Vanilla Latte Scent 

Ingredients for Coffee Face Mask: Organic Coffee Grounds and Organic Coconut Oil

Vanilla Latte just add smushed vanilla beans! 

How to use Coffee Face Mask!

Take a two finger scoop and rub into face and neck. Make sure to watch out for your eyes and be sure you get the hair line too! Let dry for 5 minutes and then rinse off! 

Your face will have a wonderful coffee glow and your skin will feel lifted and soft!

Lemon Honey Face Wash 

Ingredients for Lemon Honey Face Wash: Organic Lemon Zest, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, All Natural Raw Honey and White Sugar .
The Lemon Honey Face Wash is a sugar scrub for your face. It’s amazing and it really brightens and tightens you skin!

How to use Lemon Honey Face Wash!

Start with a wet face and then massage mixture into skin. Rinse. Pat dry. Safe and soft enough that you can use it up to 4 times a week!! 

One thought on “Face Masks

  1. I love to start my day with an invigorating face wash and/or mask to clean my face, wake me up, and get me ready for the day! It’s great to have two amazing products that do that in separate ways!

    Emily’s Ardor Lemon Face Wash leaves my face feeling clean and smooth, while the lemon brightens my skin. I always feel happy and refreshed after washing my face!
    I also find it is a great lip scrub (customer secret!) to use before pampering your lips with Emily’s Ardor Lip Balms!

    Emily’s Ardor Coffee Mask is great because the coffee wakes me up, and smells wonderful, duh it’s made of coffee 😉 I also love that I get a “mini-facelift” feeling as the coffee slightly tightens and brightens my skin.

    Overall I am thoroughly impressed by both products and have also noticed that constant use over time has seemed to help even my complexion (less redness). Awesome! Thanks Emily’s Ardor!


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