I love my gardens. I love my roses, my herds, my food, and all of the other flowers and bushes I grow and play with!

But sometimes I need help. I don’t know whats wrong with them and how to fix it! Leave messages in the comments on what you might think is wrong and if you know how to fix it help a sista out!!

My Herbs are doing fine and I’m learning how to grow Basil in a jar of water from cuttings. Any tips on doing this successfully?

Then the rest of the herbs…

Excuse the Parsley. It hasn’t gotten sunlight in awhile due to me thinking planting celery right next to it would be a fabulous idea. It wasn’t. Had to take it all out! Bahhhh!!! It will be better soon I’m sure. 🙂 If you can’t tell this is a bush of Rosemary. I had no idea for the first year I lived where I do. But it blooms little flowers and smells delicious!!

Then there’s the strawberries. I have no clue what’s wrong anymore… Any help?

More pictures and posts to come about the gardens and more of my flowers and rose bushes soon!! I’m having trouble with my rose bushes too so I’ll need some help if anyone’s got it. Pictures to come!!

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