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Welcome to Emily’s Ardor!

Emily’s Ardor is where all of my passions lay together. I had created this blog originally to show off little bits of myself and to help sell products on my Etsy Page.

That’s all over now. Emily’s Ardor is now a space where I can show off my true passion and that is writing, creating and taking care of the things and people I love.

I love to make all kinds of things from recipes to bird houses, from short stories to small blurbs and sharing what I have been up to on my “micro” homestead.

I’m a married, fur mama of 3, 2 cats and a dog just trying to find my place in the world.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 7.29.47 PMStarting an online business is an intense experience and I have to say I am way more old fashion in my desires to open a brick and mortar type of establishment one day.

Till then… I’ll continue to write my blog!

So please feel free to ask questions! Share comments! And always hit the follow and like button! 😉