Dry Shampoo

Now on my EtsyShop!!

Orange Coco Dry Shampoo in Light, Medium and Dark 

Ingredients for Orange Coco Dry Shampoo are: Powdered Organic Arrow Root, Orange Essential Oil and Organic Coco Powder

How to use Dry Shampoo!

First get a old make up brush,

  Start spreading it around on your roots.   
  I was trying to blend it in as I went but sometimes that just doesn’t happen for me. (Mostly because someone was taking pictures of me doing it and I couldn’t gas quickly as I usually do!)  
Then just rub it all in! I use my fingers which I know causes just some extra oil from your hands but I love making my hands smell amazing too!!  

 And then, there ya go! Beautiful again and ready for another day!!  


1 Comment

  1. I love my dry shampoo! Making my hair smell like chocolate covered oranges just amazes me and makes me whip my hair all around!! My friend even says she was distracted from a workout because her hair smelt like brownies!!


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