Hand and Body Butter

A little goes a long way with my hand and body butter! Only 3-4 ingredients per jar depending on which scent you get! 😉 New scent options with organic flower details coming soon!!

Ingredients including Shea Butter, Elements for scents example: Rose Petals and Vanilla Beans, Coconut Oil and Matching Essential Oils

These Hand and Body Butters are a cure all for dry skin! No more alligator skin. No more bumps. And you always feel silky smooth and almost want to brag about it!


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  1. Emily’s Ardor Hand & Body Butters are top of the line when it comes to pampering your skin with moisture. They go on smoothly and absorbs great, I find that especially impressive knowing there are no synthetic ingredients to help with absorption. It make me happy that I found such a wonderful product that moisturizes and feels great on my skin without all the chemicals like most products out there. As with the Sugar Scrubs, I am particular to the Rose Petal scent (my favorite scent if anyone would like to get me a spa basket 😉 ) though I enjoy all of them to date.
    I highly recommend tossing your toxic products and experience how moisturizing should be with Emily’s Ardor Hand & Body Butter. ♥


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