Salt Scrubs

My Orange Dreams Salt Scrubs make you feel like you fell asleep in a Orchard of Orange Trees without having to go all the way to Florida 🙂

Now available on my Etsy Shop

Orange Dreams Ingredients: Coarse Salt, Grapeseed Oil, Organic Orange Zest and Homemade Orange Essential Oil

How to use Orange Dreams Salt Scrub!

I would not reccomend using this shaving!! If you knick yourself you’ll regret it. I promise. The salt hurts in razor burn! Use as a mostiurizer and apply two finger dip all over body. Or how ever much you want to use!! I’m addicted! 

Rosemary ScentIngredients: Dead Sea Salt, Rosemary, Essentail Oil and Coconut Oil 

Lemongrass ScentIngredients: Organic Lemongrass, Dead Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, and fresh cut Organic Lemongrass. 

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