The Baguette recipe I have been telling you all about! It’s soo easy and I can’t wait for everyone to be doing it!!  
I added fresh Rosemary and fresh Thyme to my dry ingredients. I like the flavors.
  Pulse to combine!  Pour in the hot water slowly. Mix to combine for 1 minute.
    Then take it all out and form it into a ball with your hands!
  Lightly oil a bowl and drop the dough on in. Cover with a towel and let rest for an hour.
  All DONE!  I corn mealed my pan because I bought super cheap wax paper and now it sticks to everything. Half way through I had to change it to foil with a little oil on it.
  Slip the ball up!
  Roll into rectangle type shapes and put seem side down on foil.  AHHHHH!! Let it rise another hour!
  Brush the baguettes with water and put in the oven!
  Bake for 30 minutes and then….  BOOM (again)!! Ready for transport! IMG_4181For the full and more detailed recipe look at:

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