Candy Caramel (There’s a difference)

I’m addicted to caramel! I love the stuff. It’s possible I love it way too much. Like very possible. The 5 minute caramel I make is amazing for dipping and drizzling. This caramel is great for hardening on fruits and making candy bars!

First, whisk over medium high heat 2 cups of white sugar till is turns liquid and bubbly. Then add in 12 TBSP of softened butter cut into small pieces. Drop in carefully!! Mix in and keep stirring with wooden spoon until it hits 350 degrees.
  Whisk it!!
Beautiful!! Remove it from heat!   Add in 1 cup of Heavy Whipping Cream and stir on in!
Then put it into a jar and refrigerate for maybe like 3 hours before use 🙂

I made caramel dipped apples… Then dipped in chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate. Oh and sprinkles 🙂

(Also ignore the pickle jars please and thank you!) Love,

Emily A K

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