Flashback Friday: Blueberry Watermelon Honey Jam

I know it was only a year ago that I posted about the new household favorite but back in August I got an overload on groceries and blueberries and watermelon where flooding my house.

So I was thinking about what to do when I stumbled upon my top search result on my blog for the day! Can you guess what it was? Y’all are absolutely brilliant people and I’m so thankful you reminded me! Yes! It was the Blueberry Watermelon Honey Jam Recipe post!

And by golly it was needed.

Even had enough to share! So jars got stuffed into mailboxes along my walking route.

This month I’m a bit more grateful for the flashback. I needed the inspiration ✨

Blueberry Watermelon Honey Jam

Living. Loving. Flashing back again.

Emily A G✨

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