To be honest,

This summer has been filled with things that didn’t feel like school being out and jumping for joy.

As much as I want to be talking about my gardens, chickens, future plans, recipes and the other fun things I usually bring to this blog, this season has really kicked my ass. 🤭

To say there was an intense mixture of things going on feels like that’s even a dramatic understatement and let’s be even more honest, I’m pretty fricken dramatic at times. Most of the time.

But while the highs where high the lows where heavy and thick and they feel like they are still lightening up.

Writing has been meh for me. My usual morning routine has been consumed of puppy snuggles and homesteading shows. But I’m working to get back to my normal.

I really miss my normal.

I miss winter.

Summer and Fall are honestly just the worst to me 😅

I’m ready for these seasonal blues to be over and the new, cold, season to begin.

And real quick before I close I wanted to mention, peas and cabbage have started sprouting, chickens are happy and I’m ready to get another one, at the moment I’m roasting butternut squash for soup when it finally gets cold and there is sooo many future plans that I’ll need to do a whole post about that soon too. Just so you got the actual update…

And on that note…

Living. Loving. Something.

Emily A G❄️

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