These are my fun coasters I make every so often as gifts. This year I realized I have never made any for myself. And this was upsetting for me  so off to work I go!! Doing a random DIY with scraps on a Sunday morning! I’m so in love with my life lately!!

These are the step by step with pictures and I’ll write out the instructions and the things you will need as well. Soo many different designs you can make!!

First you need 4 tiles. I get mine from Home Depot and usually come in a pack of 10. Then fine sandpaper and rub them fully soft on the tops and corners.


Now it’s time to get the napkin all ready.
Grab a corner and kinda wrinkle it up a little until you see it start to separate. Usually there is 2 thin sheets attached and sometimes 3. Always use the side with the prettiness all over it.   
Now I get crazy with the rubber cement glue. Doesn’t matter the brand. I just but whatever is cheapest at Home Depot at the time 🙂   Cover the tile not fully but where most of the napkin will be and then smooth it out going from the middle to the ends.   Then put on some more glue. Once again working from the middle to the ends and using to to hold down sides as well. I don’t cut mine evenly at all so sometimes they go over. I think it looks cooler.
  Let them dry for like 30 minutes in the sun. Then I spray the heck out of them with this stuff. Yes!! Now I let them dry in the garage for the rest of the day and night till I can’t help but start the next step. It’s gotta be tomorrow though to make sure the glaze fully dries. Ughhhhhh I hate being patient.

Then you get these little sticky buggers and put 4 on the corners on the bottom.  
    And then, TA DA! Your all done! Bask in your own glory and how amazing you really truly are!
Now being sold on Etsy!! Shop name EmilysArdor

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