Blueberry Orange Sauce 

This Blueberry Orange Sauce is so amazing I can’t even handle it!!  I’m so happy that I adjusted the orange juice to a higher amount in the recipe!! I can’t believe how amazing it is on the cheesecake!! Look at the PIN NOW!!

First you whisk some sugar and corn starch! Then mix in the Orange Juice concentrate (I used half of a can. Didn’t measure. Tastes REALLY good if you love orange like me!) and the water.


Then add in all of your blueberries and cook them down! I had to use 3 2 pint containers of sauce and made enough sauce for 3 cheesecakes!

This is how they turned out!! I wish you could smell these and taste them!! So amazing!!
img_5204-1Thanks for reading my loves!! Can’t wait to see what I do next!



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