Dandelion OMG

When I say OMG in the title you know I’m serious. I have never seen one this flipped huge before!! Like crazy huge! At first it started as a baby in my garden. I thought hmm I keep hearing how you can do things with dandelion so I’ll keep it and keep looking on Pintrest to see… It took a month of watering and pure amazement everyday when it was finally sooo big that it started to topple over! Danny finally said it was too far toppled and I needed to pull it. Oh golly! I honestly thought it would take more work to get the sucker out but nope! It just popped on out!! Look at how tall it is!! Ginormous!!!

But now that it’s out… What do I do with it?

I slacked on looking up on Pintrest so now I’m asking all of you!! Help me!! What can I do with this massive beauty?!

Leave your messages in the comment section and give me your thoughts or what YOU do with them!


Emily A K

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