It’s 2017!!

Happy New Year everyone!! This last year was crazy pants! (I think for almost everyone!) And let me be the first to remind you ITS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!

This passed week I have been sorting, thinking back and reorganizing all of everything! It’s crazy to think Christmas is over and done, a full week has gone by and I have soooo many fun presents that I got! 

In this next coming year I’m planning for bigger and better improvements on Emily’s Ardor and I can’t wait to share them all with you as they come! 😉

New to come from Emily’s Ardor and MY LIFE…

-New Products!

-I’m Getting Married!

-More adventures!

-and more and more changes!!

2017 is, oh my goodness, crossing my fingers, please oh please oh please, going to be amazing!!  So everyone let’s put last year to rest and join me on this new and exciting time!! Oh how I love it when it’s a new year!!

Kissing. Loving. Happing. 

Emily A K 

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