I have never been a recycling machine before… until now. If you haven’t heard of recycling then I’m just not sure what rock you have been under but, guys, it’s a big deal. I’m not going to go on a crazy rant about how the oceans are cultered and forests are being mutilated… If you have Facebook then you are fully aware and probably get hit with this stuff everyday! Not here!

Instead I’m gonna show you just the tiniest amount of what I do with my company to just help. Any tiny bit helps.

Right now all I have been doing is some collecting. I have been collecting any and all shipping and packing materials from people who would otherwise throw them away. It’s pretty amazing how much popcorn pieces and bubble wrap have been donated just because I mentioned it to TWO people!! My garage is almost cluttered! Boxes and bags of packaging materials are either picked up or brought here almost weekly! But I store it 🙂 I keep it all safe 🙂 And I use it in all of Emily’s Ardor shipping orders! I know I know… I said it was a small program to start with and I meant it! LOL!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Recycling. Living. Creating.

Emily A G ❤️

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