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I thought I would give some credit where credit is due. Basically all that I have learned about the gardening I do is from other blogs that I have found on Pinterest.

If you are not aware yet what Pinterest is, it is the most magical site ever that shows you other bloggers and or websites that can teach you how to do anything your heart may desire. It can also give inspiration for decorating, fashion, and again anything you wish. Since the site appeared to this world I have been hooked and fully in love.

Okay, so I have gotten a bit off track… Where I really am here for today is to tell you about all of the lovely lovely people who have been inspiring and teaching me all from Pinterest.

So to begin…

First things first… My Pintrest page for gardening is, In The Garden

Creating a garden that takes care of multiple things at once is a big deal for me, so here’s the page that I had found about creating a garden that also is Bee Friendly, Bee Friendly Gardens

Most of our yard is covered in big oak and sycamore trees so I am always looking for things I can grow that are productive and will do well in about 70% shade. We do get some sun so I can do a lot but during the winter not so much, so this is the site I used while creating my shade gardens. Shade Vegetables

I love this site. I found them once on Pintrest and have been following them ever since now on WordPress. Town & Country

Other than that there is a whole mess of just pictures capturing things and brief posts that I have pinned to my board on quick how to’s when it comes to harvesting and propagating.

So these are the sites I have found and I am so happy to be sharing them with you finally. I hope they come in handy and are of good use to you as they where and are to me!

Till next time…

Living. Loving. Gardeing.

Emily A G

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