Easy Camping Tricks

I really love camping. I love packing. I love getting food prepped and gear prepped. I really love camping. Oh wait I already said that…

I thought I would share finally how I pack and have things basically prepped and ready to go camping at any notice.

Even more then I love camping… I love prepping…

So I have two bins set up and in the garage at all times. These are our camping boxes/ In Case of Emergency boxes. In one box I have food items. All the good stuff. Peanut butter, Salt and Pepper shakers, drink packets to add to water bottles, chips and salsa, dried fruit, tuna, hot sauce, granola bars, marsh mellows and a bunch of random extra stuff that I find.

Box two has all of the things… Plastic silverware, plates, bowls, cutting board, Metal toasting forks and our large metal camp fire pitcher. We use it always for boing water for coffee and hot chocolates. I also carry around a collapsable tall laundry basket I use as a trash can. Just add your trash bag to the inside, clothes pins and paracord for the occasions where everything gets wet. We also have collapsable blow up solar powered lanterns! They are soo neat I have to be honest!These are the blow up, solar powered lanterns!We also have tongs and camping cast iron pans that are always in the boxes, hand sanitizer, paper towels, toilet paper, fire starter, sun screen and dish soap… That’s about it! So like I said before, I have these boxes packed and ready to go at all times and it seriously makes camping just a bit easier to handle. We also have shelving in our garage where everything camping related is organized. From our go boxes, sleeping bags, foldable chairs, tents, bed rolls everything is all in one place and I just gotta grab and go! (Which is how I like to be.)

I hope you found this post helpful and some of these tips give you a sense of preparedness so you can get up and go camping! The mountains are calling my friends… The… mountains… are… calling…

Living. Loving. Camping.

Emily A G

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