Hosting Christmas!

Just recently my family came to town for a belated Christmas celebration and to be here for my birthday week! It was wonderful and glorious and gossssh did I stress myself out cleaning and prepping and just wanting everything to be perfect. Ohh to the anxiety, I love my family, I love how it all went, and I’m incredibly grateful for everything…

We had only a few days to be together so let me e plain somethings with photos…

Remember how I started quilting? Well, I had 2 extras I was working on all at the same time! Here’s my mother’s and my sisters I made for them for Christmas! Then for dinner that night I decided to make a Beef Rib Roast that I would die for. The one pan meal for all humanity. The one pan meal to satisfy a whole family at a Christmas dinner. With cooked Baby Red Potatoes and carrots, with spinach and buttered beans as a side dish and some much Rosemary, it makes you want to chair wiggle! This one will be getting a recipe post do over very soon!Then the family attempted Ginger Bread houses. There was a brand that was selling these as packs of mini houses in sets of 4! It was super fun, silly and a mess! My families seemed to turn out the best I think because… If you look at mine you’ll see I must have some brain damage… everyone has a good giggle at my California earthquake jokes and telling Husband never to let me build our home… (Like he would ever ask me to build our home 😆) As well as having my family for the late Christmas we also had our friends who we adore! My Mama had tons of fun with her gifts and me…

Let’s just say some people know me wayyy to well 😅I am incredibly thankful and blessed to have such a beautiful family but our extra invites to our Christmas morning we’re truly the highlight. I have been hanging onto this grill for my Godson for months and have been itching to out it together, add the stickers, and see his little face light up with joy as I presented it to him. It went exactly like the. He ripped open the wrapping and I brought in the finished piece all assembled. He wiggled and smiled and called me Auntie Me so proudly the rest of the afternoon. What more could I ever need? This is me. I’m focused on pouring Blackberry Orange Lemonade into Champange filled glasses, it was a mess, it was delicious and I need to go bother my neighbors for more of these amazing Orange Lemons…And that’s that! We had our Christmas in January and it was a huge hit! A success! My family lived it and want to be doing it again next year! The planning worked… PLANNING WOrKs!! (Told yea so…)I love them.

I miss them.

Living. Loving. Celebrating.

Emily A G❤️

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