I needed a break

Okay so I’m aware that I barely, if at all, posted in October, and now so far November.

I don’t know what happened. I don’t know where these months have went. I’m not honestly sure how I just stopped…

It’s been busy. We went away. Fire season began and I have been up at unnormal hours for me.

I guess I just needed the break.

So I think I’m back now. I thinkkkk I’m feeling inspired again. I think I can get back into the swing of things for the end of this month/year.

God I hope so.

Christmas is up in my house and my soul feels so thankful for the thoughts of winter. The thoughts of getting presents ready, of the rain season coming, thoughts that soon joy will be the thing that fills the air around our home.

I’m ready for the distraction. I’m ready for the holidays. I’m desperate to write again.

What do you do to bring back your writing mojo? What do you do when you are feeling depleted and uninspired? Leave your advice and thoughts in the comments below! I’m really needing some extra strategies to make sure this doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

Living. Loving. Breaking.

Emily A G📝

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