July Instagram Recap

July was going to be a month of blog restoration in my recipe section, it was going to be a month of writing and saving money and getting myself more motivated in life.

July ended up being more of like a cluster of a mess of issues and nonsense rolling around and creating a mixture of madness and incredibleness. From flooding yards to learning to fish and some new additions to the garden. It has been lots, but I got very little of my agenda done. But I learned a lot and I think there’s more adjustments and changes coming.

And not only to our home. (I think a new fridge is in the works…)

Life isn’t always as clean as we want it to be.
Sometimes there’s a mess.
Sometimes it’s tidy enough to ignore for a bit.
Sometimes you throw a towel at it and call for a break.
I saw the mess. 🧽
I did my best. 💪🏻
I took a break. ✌🏻
You can take a break too. 💛
Happy Birthday America. 🎁
It’s been a wild ride.
America. 🇺🇸
Home of the brave. 📯
Home of the fighters. 💪🏻
Home of the forgotten. 🧎🏻‍♀️
Home of the indebted. 💵
But still home. 🏠
Our country is in pain. It actually hurts.
We are and always have been the island of misfit toys over here… and I’m proud to be one. ✌🏻
Dont hate.
Caffeinate. ☕️
God willing we get this coop fixed up in time! It’s gonna be needing a lot of work before chickens can take up residence
DISCLAIMER (I’m going to type stuff) 💁🏻‍♀️
Last night our place became a mess. 🧹
In a week where our oven went down,🔥
the sprinkler valves in the back wouldn’t stop running and 💦
then our sink busting on us,🚰
our house became a mess last night…
and now I’m fully unsure as to what’s going to come next.
So in conclusion…
TGIF people.
T. G. I. F. 🙌🏻
Fine. 🙍🏻‍♀️
I’ll do a probiotic gut check. ✅
But I’ll drink it from a #jackdaniels glass. 🥃
Just going for an evening fish….
🎣 🌊🎣
A quick reminder I went fishing the other day…
And we forgot bait. 🐛
So we used my leftovers from dinner and peanuts. 🥜
Neither worked.
We left catching zero fish but I was happy. ☺️
Happy to just be out there. 🌊
Goofing around with my husband, watching people catch fish, couples taking selfies, eating my leftovers with my fingers while the husband used pieces for the bait… 🐟🐟🐟
It was a really good night. 🌙
And I just wanted to think about it again.
But can you? #cantaloupe

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G

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