How’s 30 going you ask?

So far, it’s only slightly different.

But there is this overwhelming feeling of pressure (from myself?) to have everything already done. Like everything. It’s not that I feel I’ve already run out of time but it feels like it’s coming up quick.

And I know that’s not true.

But sadly still, I’m feeling it.

I think it’s good though. There’s a feeling of excitement surrounding it as well. An urgent excitement that I feel has been building for quite awhile now. And I have no idea what it’s attached to! 🤪

That’s the part that’s making feel like I’ve lost my marbles a little but I think it’ll be for the best. (Who wants to carry around a full bag of marbles everywhere they go?!)

As my todo list grows, taking one thing off and adding 3 more, my little heart is going through a lot right now. Keeping up with myself let alone the Jones I’m pushing myself further and harder.

Somethings on the todo list I thought would be fun to bring up…

  • Finish the front door
  • Get the garden boxes laid out
  • Baby chicks
  • Weeding! I swear I pull them all and then they are just right there again…(help)
  • Finishing Husband’s office space. There’s still a whole shelter we want to build around it to keep it safe come high winds and heavy rain seasons.

Side note. Writing this just now I found a spider making a nest in my hair and neck…

So with that, I’m calling it on this post 😅


Living. Loving. Growing.

Emily A G💓

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