January Instagram Recap 2023

My goodness, this birthday month has been one for the record books and it flew by!

Between life in the canyon being wet and rainy and every time we step away from it the sun coming out, there hasn’t been a lot of work getting done but a whole lot of sitting and waiting for the rain to just stop for a second. At one point it said that the rain would be lite for a day so we thought we would be able to work but then it just continued to dump on us.

We went for a quick trip up to the mountains where I felt happier but I’m still craving snow. If we don’t end up in some this month I’m possibly going to loose it… 😬

And then another quick trip to Tucson AZ to have our family Christmas.

Happy National Introverts Day.
If you need me… it can probably wait till tomorrow…
#introvert #okaybye #notsorry
32 never looked so…. Great?
Definitely the kind of week were I need chili on standby. Gonna be long and rainy.
Love our canyon on rainy mornings. Conway and I needed that walk together while Loretta is with Danny at the vet.
#canyontime #canyon #rainydays
Can we Normalize regular houses?
RIP Babe.
Don’t know why you died but I’ll miss you daily.
You are by far my favorite bird.
I wasn’t ready for you to go.

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G📸

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