Oh what a wonderful day! Cooking and eating with family is just one of my favorite things to do!  In my recipe posts you’ll see I got to finally make a Thanksgiving dish! I made roasted Brussel Sprouts and Butternut Squash and then Rosemary Dinner Rolls!! SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!

Here is all of the things I ate as well as the pretty table and some other fun things I’ll explain as the pictures appear 😉  OH this glass!!! Okay so I can’t drink. Not because I’m not old enough but because it makes me go a little insane and not in a fun way. This my friends is Caramel Apple Sparkling Cider!! Holy Thanksgiving!!
  Oh the Rosemary Dinner Rolls I made with this amazing butter from I have no idea where that Mama just happened to have… What a lovely buttery woman.   Turkey Roll with stuffing! Green Bean Casserole! Mashed Potatoes! Turkey Gravy! MY almost finished Brussel Sprouts and Butternut Squash! Then some really bomb Corn Pudding she made from Trader Joes!! I could not handle it.
  This is the fun bread basket she used for my rolls she got on one of her trips! I’m guessing Africa since its all wooden and AMAZING!!   Kinda looked like a heart to me… Photo evidence 🙂
  Fresh from the oven!! Look for the recipe on my other pages!  Oh this kitchen!!
  AWwww my baby Jasmine the 11 year old Pit Bull with cancer. She didn’t believe we where going to Grandma’s house and not the vet. She was very nervous and concerned!! But she was SUPER happy when she got there! Ran straight to Grandma almost knocking her over!!  Ready for Transport over to BF Mama’s house!
 Ummmm…. The squash just looked cool to me I guess. Sometimes I can’t explain the pictures I take.

So that’s it! My beautiful, wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Next week I’m having a huge Emily style Thanksgiving with all of my friends and I’m deeeeeep frying a turkey and making alllllll kindssssss of desserts and fun goodies!! Can’t wait to show you all of that next!!

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