Flash Back Friday Pizza Bubble Bread

Back when I learned this recipe in Middle School it was my favorite. It was all I could think about basically everyday. It was super easy for me to figure out.

Now when I look at the recipe I think… “How can I change this up? How can I up the energy in this dish?”

My family is coming down to visit and do a Thanksgiving, Christmas and My Birthday celebration and this is one of the requests for dinner… So I gotta make it even more special and try and show off a little bit… Ha ha!

Does anyone have any ideas? How would you pump up the volume on this simple classic? Lesson learned since last time though was to make them closer together… Add some pepperoni slices, maybe some basil?

Leave me a note in the comments and be sure to check out the original here >> Pizza Bubble Bread

Living. Loving. Recreating.

Emily A G

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