Christmas Cinnamon Rolls

Happy 22nd day of BlogMas everyone!

Today I’m wanting to share one of our new traditions as a mini family. At the moment we don’t get to do Christmas morning with just the two of us so we do our traditions on Christmas Eve or whatever day we can get it together since we do leave town every other year. 

Sadly I do not have photos for this post yet but I plan on having a recipe post coming in the new year! So be on the lookout.

This year I found the perfect overnight cinnamon roll recipe for just us two. It’s an easy one. A lovely one. A delicious one. And I will be making it again for our. Christmas Eve morning together. This recipe comes from this fabulous and wonderful post right here: Cinnamon Rolls for Two

Obviously you need to check these babies out and give them a try! If your a small family it’s honestly the perfect solution instead of a whole dozen sized batch.

Living. Loving. Cream Cheesing.

Emily A G🎄

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