Last Day of School

Yesterday was my last day and the stress. Officially school is out for me and o can begin my summer!

I didn’t know I would be this relieved that it would be over but these classes had created a type of stress I wasn’t prepped for. The kind of stress that makes you wonder if it’s worth it. Makes you think about if you’ll ever do these types of classes again. And again if you do, you’ll be sure to look at the teachers more closely, if you ever sign up for classes again.

I swear I wasn’t aware of the things that would come from this semester. Does this teacher even care? How come it’s the last week and I haven’t gotten a grade on a piece of homework since the first week. It had gotten to me so much I felt I was going to puke everyday this last week. Not from taking the tests or finals or whatever, but the fact that I was feeling so concerned about the teachers actions and the things going on within the class requirements that I felt legit sickened. The conflict that was raised felt like madness. I couldn’t focus on anything.

I really didn’t feel safe all of the sudden.

But now it’s over. The last day is now and all of my assignments are turned in and I’m done. I don’t even care about the grade anymore. I’m just so beyond grateful it’s all over and I can move on to other things. Other goals. Other interests. Get back to writing and baking (and cleaning).

Praying now to get back into my usual groove and process and maybe my hair will stop falling out as much…

Living. Loving. Decompressing.

Emily A G💆🏻‍♀️

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