How I Spend My Mornings

6 AM my alarm goes off. I hit snooze.

Already the husband is up, showered, kissed me good morning and is off to work.

For the 10 minutes I’m “snoozing” I take the time to start dedicating my day to the Lord. Asking Him to spend time with me, talk to me and just guide me through His plan for the day. Most days I have a general list I go from but He always adds things I didn’t plan for.

Next up, coffee. I walk up to my Keriug with all my thoughts starting to wake me up before the caffeine even gets started.

Usually the first one being, I gotta pee. Then it’s Loretta, the dog, has to go pee, so it’s outside with her.

5 minutes later I get my coffee, take my first sip and go into my devotionals. Spend sometime on that with Him and then forward the message to my usual little list.

Meditation for 10 minutes and onto checking emails and messages.

Onto some small chores I can do in my pjs like; starting our laundry, vacuuming, dusting and putting things away from the night before and then into the shower. Still haven’t finished my first cup of coffee. It’s cold when I’m done showering so I heat it up and start my watering.

Lately it’s been soooo hot that I have done our watering before my shower because I’m trying to get it done before the sun starts getting rude.

My days fluctuate between daily chores and need to get done chores.

I vacuum our house in chunks throughout the week, dishes are multiple times daily because it’s by hand and I’m a big fan of air drying, Tuesday’s are always my baking day unless I know it’s going to be the hottest day of the week and or the powers going out. Cookies and bread are constant things we are eating around our house so I’m always trying to make sure we have them stocked.

And there you have it! What my mornings look like!

Living. Loving. Waking up.

Emily A G☀️

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