August Garden Update 2022

August has proved itself to be a challenge for my garden and I. It’s just too hot, and I keep thinking I need to give more water and my plants are just unhappy.

Some of them are fine with the extra water and others just seem pissed to be honest.

I have a cantaloupe plant that survived! Can you believe it!? The vine was looking lame for awhile and then KABOOM! The vine got long and the leaves got huge!

Peppers? I think that’s what they are. I have 3 growing within my tomato plants so we shall see. They may be the Habaneros I started as seeds awhile go that I thought didn’t take… 😅

Remember how last month I told you all of my watermelon plants died? Welp. One kinda survived. Let’s see how it does!


I have 2 Okra plants that have made it and are getting bigger and looking way better out of the 6 that I started with. I’m thankful these two have survived my “new plant confusion”Woot woo!

Our Strawberries are very much small and mighty at this point. The ground here has become hydrophobic so water just runs off and doesn’t sink in. I found a way that’s supposed to help keep the moisture in and that’s by covering the ground in a thin layer of straw. This also helps with strawberries because now the fruit isn’t sitting on the ground in the dirt while growing and the snails and slugs don’t seem to be going after it as much.


Our Granny Smith Apple tree has a smaller load then last year but it seems healthy and happy so that’s all I’m truly concerned about at this point. 28 apples and I ain’t mad about it.

Granny Smith Apple

All of the other trees have zero fruit because I accidentally went a little crazy with the watering and or the birds got to the fruit quick!

It’s been a rough growing season for me sadly with some major ups and downs but I’m hopeful to see what happens within the next month or so when it comes to our crop. Thankfully being in SoCal means my growing season is longer so I can keeping holding hope till about November.

But I’ll let y’all know what’s happening before that. Probably October.

Living. Loving. Growing.

Emily A G🌱

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