BlogMas Day 19- Christmas Time Wish List

Every year I have some goals/wishes I want to accomplish and some years we are better at accomplishing them than others. The Hubs and I are definitely more into the holiday season than we used to be when we first started dating and it turns out the more into the season you are suddenly you have way more things to do during it 😅

First off I always want to be in some snow but lately… hasn’t happened much because of… well I guess it just falls off our radar. 🙁

Last time I was in snow… Nov 2020.

Normally, we take our Christmas lights drive but last year we got distracted as too many other things filled our plates and took up our evenings.

Someone near us does a whole Nightmare Before Christmas theme and it’s incredible!

We almost always tell each other that we are going to try ice skating but never make it down that far, and believe me I really really want to go.

Since we got married we’ve been going down to Dana Point to walk their lights at the harbor. They have an amazing coffee and ice cream shop that give you something cozy to drink while walking or we stop where I always prefer and that’s the winery that has “walk about glasses” since COVID started. (Possibly the only good thing that has come out of COVID in my opinion.)

And every year till 2020 happened we went to the mall to do one big round of Christmas shopping. Well and us shopping, can’t stop us from loving on a good deal.

This year so far all we’ve gotten to do was our mall time but I’m more than hopeful we will get to Dana Point and I’m praying the mountains so we can bring Conway to his first snow!

Living. Loving. Celebrating.

Emily A G🎄

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