Flashback Friday 👰🏻OUR WEDDING🤵🏻

Normally on Flashback Friday I do a recipe post but it is soo close to my wedding anniversary that I couldn’t help myself. At this time I am 2 days away from being married to my amazing husband for 1 whole year!

I’m stunned…AN3A3254.jpg

I’m shocked…AN3A3341.jpg

I’m extremely blessed and completely head over heels in love with this man…AN3A3783.jpgOh my love. My sweet, silly, tiny, bald love. My Moo and the person that will be stuck with me forever… I love you.AN3A4431.jpg

The original post… We Are Married!! 

Loving. Loving. Loving.

❤️Emily A ❤️Graham❤️

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