Ready. Set. Get Out.

It’s obviously fire season right now in SoCal and they have been inching themselves closer and closer to my little home base.

As you all know by now one of my favorite things to do is prep so it’s been a challenge for me not just having out stuff packed and ready at the door. Who can do that?fullsizeoutput_a4c.jpeg

So we have set up our I.C.E bags and we are ready if worst comes to our door way. In my large travel bag I have packed The Husband’s stuff and my own.

  • 3 days worth of clothes
  • shampoo and conditioner for both of us
  • body wash for both of us
  • face wash
  • tooth brushes and tooth paste for both of us
  • kleenex
  • airborne tablets
  • pair of old sneakers
  • An old book I enjoy (entertainment value)
  • collapsable hair brush
  • dry shampoo
  • baby wipes
  • and a small container of bleach
  • 2 rolls of toilet paper
  • small bag of dog food and cat food
  • collapsable animal bowls
  • a bag of cat liter

Most of these things can be found at your local dollar store or Walmart in the travel size area. Being prepped and ready to go always seems to keep my mind at ease. Most of our paperwork for everything is in plastic filing containers anyway so that makes them easy to just lug and go too.

Living in an area with lots of fires and almost a full year of fire season keeps me on my toes enough as it is, and now that I’m helping out with Fire Watch in my canyon to help deterrent fire starters from starting fires is going to be a welcome challenge to my life.

Other easy items to remember to pack that could easily be forgotten:

  • Precious jewelry
  • family photos, wedding albums and scrapbooks
  •  wedding dresses (if you store yours in your home.)
  • all of the sets of car keys (they are sooo expensive to replace)
  • family heirlooms if you have any around, my grandmother’s apron is always ready to be packed up.
  • rental instruments. (you will have to pay for them if you don’t return them. Even if a fire occurs.)
  • computer equipment and chargers. (Laptops, phones, desk tops, tablets…)
  • recipe books

Hope this post has been helpful to see what you have ready and don’t have ready and if you live in a fire hazard area make sure you are Ready! So you can be all Set! and GO! When the situation calls. People never know when they will be evacuated from their homes and you don’t always have time to grab everything important.

Living. Loving. Prepping.

Readying. Setting. Going.

Emily A G

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